Getting Your Daufuskie Island Ferry Tickets

When you vacation in beautiful Hilton Head, you expect a certain degree of beautiful sights and fun adventures. Sometimes at the same time. Most everything here is on the water, or involves the seashores, which is why nature lovers often flock to this destination. With that said, there are dozens of things to do, see, and explore, and this article gives you the ins and outs of snagging Daufuskie Island Ferry tickets. As a rundown, you should know that we operate the Official Daufuskie Ferry (out of Broad Creek). There are lots of opportunities for island exploration and miles of marshlands and oceans to awe over.

The Ferry Ride, Getting to Daufuskie Island


Daufuskie Island is a gorgeous, sea-surrounded destination, and getting there is half the fun and adventure. You see so much in the seas below, all from the comforts of your boat. Gaze upon manatees, watch dolphins play in the waves of the ferries, and look for a nurse shark or two. On the island, you can explore the seashores, or add a golf cart to your ticket package. The golf cart helps you get around the island without too much walking on your part, so you can visit all of the little shops for wine samples, chocolate slabs, and souvenirs.


If you plan to stay the night on Daufuskie Island, book reservations at one of the Freeport Marina cottages at the same time that you make a reservation for a ferry. For dinner, hit up the Old Daufuskie Crab Companyfor a meal of delicious, fresh-caught seafood—after you take a tour of the famed Bloody Point Lighthouse, with all its histories, legends, and ghost stories.

You can read reviews from past guests to the ferries and the island on TripAdvisor. One such review comes from Raphael M. of Savannah, Georgie, who writes – “Great tour boat called the Delta Lady. It’s a paddlewheeler with an inside bar. Trip to Freeport Marina on Daufuskie is beautiful and the Captain provides interesting historical and wildlife info. Easy to see dolphins on the way, as well as pelicans.”

Daily Round-Trip Ferry Departures


Our ferries are ginormous, reliable, and comfortable, with bench-style seats, sturdy decks, and peek-over railings. The ferries operate on a strict daily schedule, but you should arrive 30 minutes before your departure to give yourself enough time to find a seat or place to stand. Time-wise, the ferries are good for daily round-trip morning and afternoon departures from Broad Creek docks on 18 Simmons Road on Hilton Head Island. You can park for free in the dock lots, then board your ferry with ticket in hand. As of now, the ferries make 2 round-trips to and from Daufuskie Island on Saturday and Sunday. But the boats make 3 round-trips on weekdays. Price-wise, you are looking at $33 per adult and $12.50 for children under 12, for a round-trip ferry ticket.



Reservations for the ferry are extremely important since the boats operate on a fixed daily schedule. Passengers can either book online on our Daufuskie Island Ferry Tickets webpage, or call 843-342-8687 to schedule your ferry ride. If you choose the online method, make sure you bring your confirmation email and a valid ID to pick up your ferry tickets at the Broad Creek dock offices.