What You Need to Know for Your Vacation on Daufuskie Island

Once you arrive on Daufuskie Island, you will need land transportation to your rental home, which can usually be arranged with your vacation rental group or vacation property owner. Many offer complimentary ground transportation options, so be sure to check with them.

Food and Groceries

There are three small General Stores on the island with limited items located at the Bloody Point clubhouse, Freeport Marina, and the county dock next to Marshside Mama’s. Since there are no traditional grocery stores at this time, you’ll probably want to bring food. It’s helpful to bring one or two roll-on suitcases in which to place your groceries; many folks also bring a cooler or freezer bags for items that need refrigeration.

Grocery shopping service is provided by the Triune Company. Call them at 843-686-6330 to place an order for groceries which will be delivered to your rental home. There is a fee for this service and a premium price for the groceries.

Your vacation home will probably have a fully-equipped kitchen, and many have a washer and dryer. Your home may include a grill or, if not, one may be available for a small charge. If you do want to use a grill, remember to bring a small bag of charcoal and matches. If your charcoal is not the self-lighting kind, you’ll also need lighter fluid. Be sure to clean the grill before you leave.

Some vacation homes provide coffee starter packs, but for more than a few cups you’ll need to bring your own supplies. You will also want to ask what other supplies are provided, such as soap, dishwasher soap, and laundry detergent.


Clothing and Towels

Your vacation home will almost certainly provide bed and bath linens, but you may want to bring beach towels.

Most people end up packing more clothing than they need. Casual attire is the norm on the island, including the restaurants. If you plan on horseback riding (available through the Sea Grass Stables located on the Melrose on the Beach Resort) bring long pants and leather-soled shoes or boots.

Essential Supplies

Don’t forget bug spray! If you do, island residents swear by Naturally Daufuskie’s “Daufuskie Survival Spray”, available in the General Stores and other island locations. Take your bug spray with you if you are going to eat outside at one of our restaurants.

You’ll also want to bring sunscreen or sunblock and a hat. A light rain jacket may also come in handy.


Getting Around on Daufuskie

Golf Carts

Most folks get around the island by golf cart, and your vacation home may include a golf cart as part of your rental, or you may rent one from another source. Day visitors can rent a golf cart from the Freeport Marina and explore the island on their own.

Cart renters/users should keep in mind that all South Carolina Rules of the Road are in effect, and that careless driving can result in serious accidents. Any drinking on the cart or evidence of inebriation will be grounds for terminating your cart contract.

Children should always be securely seated and should hold on to the cart’s armrests, and should be instructed not to exit the cart until it comes to a full stop. Drive defensively, and especially at night when visibility can be an issue. Always pull over to the side of the road to let cars and trucks pass you.

Carts are not allowed on the beaches!! Preserving our fragile dunes and protecting wildlife (the endangered Loggerhead Turtle lays eggs on our beaches) is important to us, and we ask that our island visitors help protect our environmental resources.

The bottom line is that carts are fun, but you need to be careful. Accidents can easily happen, and can be serious; there were 4 golf cart-related deaths in our county last year.


Relax and Unwind

The most important thing you need to know about your vacation on Daufuskie Island is to relax, enjoy, slow down, and enjoy living on Island time!